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6 Steps To Your “At Home Facial” Treatment Guide for Normal to Dry Skin

Take a moment at home to feel your very best and give your skin a special treat! Maintain your salon results with this easy to do, effective home facial routine. This treatment will rejuvenate and refresh your skin (and yourself) in just 6 easy steps! Perform your “At Home Facial” once or twice a week for optimal results.



Rub a pea size amount of Ultra Hydrating Milk Cleanser between your hands and apply to face, neck and decolletage. Apply with circular motions for around 30 seconds, remove with warm face cloth and pat dry with a clean towel. Repeat this step if you are wearing makeup.


Wet hands and apply a pea-size amount of Ultra Dual-Microfoliant to face, neck and décolletage and massage gently for 60 seconds. Concentrate on built-up areas such as nose, forehead and chin, avoiding eye area. Remove exfoliant with a warm face cloth and pat dry.


Apply Ultra Replenishing Mask evenly to face, neck and décolletage with a mask brush or fingertips. This fast-acting formula helps to relieve dry, distressed and dehydrated skin. Leave on for 10-30 minutes and remove with a warm face cloth.

TIP: Replenishing mask has multi-uses. It can be massaged into the skin after 10 minutes and left on or applied overnight as a Treatment.


To firm and plump skin and stimulate collagen production, rub a couple of drops of Vitamin C between fingertips to emulsify before applying to skin (either Ultra C10+ Firming Serum or Ultra C23+ Firming Concentrate)


To help restore moisture balance and hydration and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, apply a couple of drops of B2 Hydrating Serum


Finish off and seal everything in with a pea-sized amount of Ultra Moisturiser Cream or Ultra Rich Moisturiser Cream

TIP: For easy application and to avoid overusing products, always emulsify and warm your creams first by rubbing between fingertips before applying.

Author: Jo McKenzie, founder of Envisage Beauty
Phone: 04107 716 686