Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Wrinkle Patch


Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Wrinkle Patch

Chest wrinkles and cleavage wrinkles are caused by sleeping position, aging and sun damage, but never fear, Wrinkles Schminkles’ Chest & Décolletage Smoothing Patches can help!

Ideally worn overnight while you sleep, our anti wrinkle Chest Pads are Made in the USA and are 100% Medical Grade Silicone. The anti wrinkle silicone Chest Pad is a wrinkle treatment that works by comfortably hugging your décolleté and prevents the delicate skin on your chest from being able to crease or wrinkle. At the same time, the décolleté pad supports the skin’s natural ability to hydrate the skin, retain the moisture, stimulate blood flow and helps boost collagen production – that vital protein we lose as our skin ages.

Recommended by Dermatologists, Cosmetic Doctors & Beauty Media globally, our non-invasive anti aging Chest Patches can effectively and affordably prevent and instantly smooth wrinkles and crepey skin on the chest area after your first nights use and give you even better results over time.

MADE IN USA matters to us and it should matter to you too. We manufacture our high quality 100% Medical Grade Silicone Patches in an FDA approved facility so you can have confidence in the skin care that you are applying to your skin.

BOOST YOUR RESULTS: Pair this with our Polishing Peel Pad for a skin exfoliating, resurfacing treatment prior to using your patch

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