IPL Laser Treatment: How Does it Work

ipl laser treatment

Enjoy a lifetime of smooth skin with IPL laser treatment at Envisage Beauty. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light Treatment) is a scientifically recognised treatment that effectively tackles all of the most common skin concerns without the pain, cost or downtime of surgery.

IPL laser treatment is great for age spots, sun spots, freckles, superficial capillaries, rosacea and other skin discolouration. It stimulates fibroblast causing increased collagen production for a more lively and healthy looking skin.

At Envisage Beauty, your qualified Laser Skincare Technician and Laser Safety Officer, Jo McKenzie uses the latest TGA approved technology in IPL, Global Beauty Group’s Lux Series Professional IPL System.

IPL skin rejuvenation treatments

IPL for pigmentation

Everyone has one or more sun spots, freckles or skin discolouration they’d love to get rid of, whether it’s on on hands, forearms, décolletage or face.  A cycle of 4 to 6 IPL treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart, is recommended for optimal results. Note that a doctor’s letter confirming the absence of any skin cancer is usually required before commencing an IPL skin treatment.

IPL for skin rejuvenation

Limited exposure to the sunshine is great for the soul and a healthy glow… But in the long term, it causes more and more damage to the skin as by impairing the production of collagen. IPL skin rejuvenation treatments improve skin tone and texture by increasing the production of collagen, making your skin look healthier, younger and refreshed.

IPL for vascular treatment

IPL treatments help reduce facial vascular blemishes like red flushing (Rosacea), thread veins and facial red spots. An IPL treatment cycle of 4 to 6 times, spaced two to three weeks apart will give you clearer and younger looking skin with minimal downtime or risk.

IPL for acne treatment

IPL based acne management programs are specifically designed  to slow the production of oil leading to acne, dramatically reducing spots and minimising pores. IPL treatments for acne management should be spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart.

What to expect during your IPL treatment

We will apply a specially designed hand piece to your skin and generate an intense pulse of light which will be absorbed by targets in your skin. The light delivered from the hand piece is delivered at high intensity during a very short period of time. It is this rapid discharge of light that provides the high energy levels required for each IPL treatment to be effective.

Because the IPL system used at Envisage Beauty allows to choose different wavelengths, pulse widths, energy levels and temperature, we can specifically target and treat a particular problem. Envisage Beauty IPL system can be safely used to treat all skin colours.

The energy is delivered in one smooth pulse rather than multi spiking which is a safer option. Integrated cooling allows to deliver more energy safely, while cooling the top skin layer to 5 degrees. This means less treatments in a safer and more comfortable way. (Cooling methods often used in other salons are ice-packing, cold air blowers or chryo-spray which tend to pre-cool the skin too much, reducing the effectiveness of the treatment)