Vitamin Infusion: How Does it Work

Vitamin infusion with Ultrasonophoresis treatment Ringwood NorthVitamin Infusion using UltraSonophoresis (‘Vitafusion’) treatment allows increased penetration of high strength vitamins and anti oxidants to treat key skin concerns including premature skin ageing, pigmentation/uneven skintone, dehydration and congested skin,  visibly improving skin texture and tone.

UltraSonophoresis utilises low frequency ultrasound to increase transdermal penetration of ingredients up to 1000 times more than that achieved with other application methods. Used to boost penetration of potent actives into the skin to visibly improve skin texture, optimise moisture levels leaving skin more hydrated and radiant.

To achieve maximum results a course of treatments are recommended.

Vitamin Infusion
(Vitafusion) treatment

– $120 –

Pack of 3
Vitafusion treatments

– $275 (Save $90) –

Pack of 6
Vitafusion treatments

– $495 (Save $225) –

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