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Cosmetic Tattoos For


Beautiful natural-looking brows frame the face and make you look younger by adding an instant lift to your eyes. If you would like fuller or better-shaped brows, you will love the difference eyebrow cosmetic tattooing will make. Not only will you look younger and more stylish, but you will also save time applying makeup, and feel more confident: you can go swimming, play a sport or wipe your forehead without the embarrassment of losing your eyebrows. As professional cosmetic tattooist and beauty therapist, I know the importance of structure and symmetry to achieve the most flattering results for my clients. Your brows will be perfectly proportioned and balanced for your unique shape and features, with the right complementary shade to match your hair and skin tone. I am fully qualified and experienced in all the latest eyebrow tattooing techniques including:

  • Microblading
  • Hairstroke brows
  • Feather touch brows
  • Eyebrow feathering
  • Ombre brows
  • Powder brows
  • Mist brows
  • Combination brows
Cosmetic Tattoos For


By mimicking tiny eyelashes in the lash line, cosmetic eyeliner tattoo (‘semi permanent make up’) makes your eyes look more defined, and lashes look thicker and darker. Colour can be added for a soft natural liner, or a bolder definite line.

Ophthalmologists recommend this procedure for those who are allergic to conventional make-up and for those wearing contact lenses. Great for sport, swimming, holidays and for never having that “no make-up” bare look.

Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo is great for you if you:

  • don’t want to wear or have to apply eyeliner everyday
  • want smudge proof eyeliner perfectly shaped
  • have eyelashes are missing or thin
  • have watery eyes or allergies to mainstream make-up
  • are visually impaired


Cosmetic Lips Tattoo
Cosmetic Tattoos For

Lip Liner

Cosmetic lip tattoo gives a more refreshed, youthful look to the lips, restoring volume and pigment. It can enlarge and correct uneven lips and helps prevent lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding skin.

The most popular treatment for cosmetic lip tattoo is the ‘lip line and blend’ also known as a ‘liptint’ or ‘lipblush’. This technique outlines and defines the lip shape then blends the colour and creates a subtle, natural fullness with a hint of colour. A soft pink or peach is popular for those wanting a natural look or a more dramatic colour can be used.

Great for:

  • Adding volume and fullness to the lips
  • Restoring youthful definition and shape to a fading lip
  • Pale lips, sun damaged lips, uneven lips or lips that have lost the shape as a result of cold sores or injury
  • Giving the smile back and helps to turn back the clock
  • Balancing the lips and lifting the complexion

Cosmetic Tattooing: How it Works

By defining facial features, cosmetic tattooing gives an instant lift and styling to your face… and you can wake up, swim, cry without worrying about smudged make-up!

I specialise in natural looking cosmetic tattoo enhancements for the eyebrows, eyeline and lips. As a qualified advanced cosmetic tattooist, I have spent over a decade perfecting this skill and I  know the importance of structure and symmetry of the face to achieve the most flattering shape and style for my clients


Cosmetic tattoo is perfect if you…

  • want to save time and money, enhance the facial features and natural beauty
  • wish to correct asymmetrical, over plucked or thinning brows
  • would like makeup that won’t smear while you do sport or go on holiday
  • have sparse, thinning lashes or small eyes
  • are sensitive to make up or are allergy prone
  • are tired of penciling everyday
  • experienced temporary or permanent hair loss because caused through medication or illness
  • have hand, arm or shoulder mobility limitations

Applying natural pigments into the skin is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe. Cosmetic tattooing fades naturally over two to four years depending on the depth of colour used and how skin responds to the procedure.

“I have had so many compliments and I am truly thrilled with the results. My hairdresser remarked they were the best eyebrows he had seen because they look so natural!”

Joy McConachie

“I had my eyebrows tattooed and it has been fantastic! I feel so much better about my appearance. It is so much easier than worrying about drawing them on each day and making sure they are still ok as the day goes on. They frame your eyes, it finishes off the look of the eyes and face. I don’t even need to wear full make-up now. I can’t believe the difference it has made. Everyone is quite amazed – they look so good and natural. I should have done it twenty years ago…”

Jan Bush

“I had my eyebrows tattooed by Jo a few weeks ago and I am so happy with them. I hardly had any brows and no matter how hard I tried with the eye pencil they never looked right. It is the best thing I have ever done! The look is very natural and flattering. If you are thinking about it I say go for it! You will be so happy with the look.”

Patricia Trewin

“I would like to highly recommend Jo, she is an absolute professional and the loveliest lady to talk with. I had my eyebrows and upper/lower eye liner done this morning and I could not be happier, her attention to detail is amazing and so are the results.”

Diana Basso

What an amazing experience. Jo you are a true professional. I cannot begin to explain how fantastic you’ve made me feel with my ‘New Feather Stroke Eyebrows’. I’ve had so many people tell me how great they look. Not only do they look amazing but you made me feel at ease with your beautiful calm nature and explaining the process. Thank you so much … You’re my beauty angel ?xoxo

Christine Parthenios

I’m very happy with my new feather stroke eyebrows thanks to Jo! She made sure we touched base every step of the way and made sure that I was comfortable with everything! Highly recommend Jo to anyone who is thinking of having eyebrow feathering done! Thanks, heaps Jo ☺️

Abbie Rose

It’s amazing how patient and professional Jo is. She makes you feel comfortable to share your ideas and makes suggestions as well.  She is amazing! I love my eyebrows now and they look natural. Totally recommend Envisage Beauty salon. I just want to say a big thanks to Jo.

Lydia Moon

I have been to quite a few therapists for my microblading but none before like Jo. 
She was experienced, time efficient and did a magnificent job on my eyebrows from the get go – especially considering my skin type. I have never felt happier walking out of a clinic! A very pleased client here!

Stella Shek

Today I came to Jo for the 1st time to have my brows tattooed. She is amazing.
I had next to no brows and now my face has expression and a frame. The procedure has made me smile, its totally transformed my face. She was adorable and made me feel at ease. I highly recommend her and will recommend her to all my friends. Thanks Jo.

Jennifer Townsend

Just a note to say thank you to Jo at Envisage Beauty. I was really happy with my eyebrow cosmetic tattoo results and appreciated the way Jo checked with me every step of the way, that we were achieving the look I wanted. Highly recommended.  

Drea Welsh

I sought the assistance of Jo after my eyebrows were left terribly thin and uneven after a visit to another salon. She suggested feathering to even everything out and regain a fuller look. I couldn’t be happier. Great attention to detail and a very natural look was achieved (which was my biggest concern). The difference in my appearance is considerable, Jo has done a great job.

Alicia Thorp

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